Jack Wahl

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***All images used in this video are the works of Jack Wahl and are protected under his copyright***

Jack discovered his artistic talent as a boy growing up in Toledo, Ohio. Against that traditional background, he made what seemed like a risky choice to bypass a degree in architecture and major in art instead. But it turned out to be a smart decision. Through most of his long life, Jack made a living as an artist, working as the dominant designer of one of America’s most popular hobbies – paint by number.

Jack was hired in 1963 at Craft Master, the leading paint-by-number brand, with 12 million kits sold. For years Jack honed his skills under Adam Grant, Craft Master’s master designer. It was a true apprenticeship. Jack started with the “animals, the simple stuff,” as he would later recall, while Adam concerned himself with the larger, intricate landscapes and portraits for which he became well known. That training gave Jack the skills to build a long, fruitful career.

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