Brandon Folmer

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***All images used in this video are the works of Brandon Folmer and are protected under his copyright***

I started drawing back in elementary school. At first I drew nothing but stick figures with crayons and markers. Later on, I decided to use a pencil to give my imaginings a little more detail… In Middle School I took hold of color pencils to give my drawings more color. Months passed by, I began to use sharpie pens to separate the outlines and color. I get inspiration from my friends art, shows, movies, and even video games. My first drawing was Star Wars related, later on it became Super Mario, Sonic, Megaman, Halo, Sword Art Online, Persona and etc… Many people have asked me what’s my major, while I haven’t completely decided on what to do, I have plenty of time to decide since I’m still a high schooler, but time won’t always be on my side as this quote proves, “Time never waits” (Persona 3). Who knows, maybe this will become the thing I’m good at.

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