Brandon Folmer

I started drawing back in elementary school. At first I drew nothing but stick figures with crayons and markers. Later on, I decided to use a pencil to give my imaginings a little more detail… In Middle School I took hold of color pencils to give my drawings more color. 

Bruce Waldman

Bruce Waldman is a printmaker, illustrator, and college art instructor who lives and works in the New York City area. He has been an adjunct professor at the School of Visual Arts for more than 30 years, has taught as an adjunct professor at the Westchester Community College Center for the Arts for over ten years and also teaches at the College of New Rochelle. 

Calvin Liang

Calvin Liang was born in Canton, China. He began painting in high school and completed his art education at the Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, recognized as one of China’s most prestigious and competitive art academies. In China, his skills as a fine artist were applied to the theatrical industry where he designed and created sets for operas and musical dramas for the Canton Opera Institute. 

Cesar Santos

Cesar Santos (b. 1982), Cuban-American.
Santos art education is worldly, and his work has been seen around the globe, from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sicily, Italy and the Beijing  museum in China to Chelsea, New York. Santos studied at Miami Dade College, where he earned his Associate in Arts degree in 2003. He then attended the New World School of the Arts and, just before graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, he dropped out to study abroad and to amplify his understanding of art. In 2006, he completed the Angel Academy of Art in Florence.

Chuck Kovacic

After acquiring a BFA in graphic design with a minor in painting from the Cleveland Institute of Art, Chuck art directed campaigns for a variety of print and media clients and detailed urban revitalization programs for communities participating in the “Main Street” program sponsored by the National Trust For Historic Preservation. 

Doug Swinton

I never really intended to make art a career it just keeps happening. Maybe its living in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and being surrounded the spectacular landscape. Maybe it’s that my mom was always in the kitchen painting wicker baskets of bright fruit with Chianti wine bottles, or may it was all the doodles and drawings that adorned each and every page of my math book. 

Joe Paquet

Joseph Paquet, while pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the School of Visual Arts in New York, had the good fortune of finding a mentor in artist John Foote who opened his eyes to the joys of drawing the human figure. After graduating, Paquet met another major influence in his life, John Osborne, who was uniquely gifted artist and teacher. Osborne believed that a landscape painting 

John Cosby

As a painter Cosby travels extensively painting what he sees and feels. Bold use of color and an energetic brush stroke combined with the truth of the place is what you will see and feel when viewing a painting by Cosby. 

John Potter

Artist John Potter was raised in the Upper Great Lakes country – on and off the Lac du Flambeau Ojibwe Indian Reservation in northern Wisconsin – where he grew up with an abiding love for the Natural World in the forests of the Great Northwoods. 

Lois Griffel

Lois Griffel’s life’s passion as an artist and teacher began at a very early age. While teaching art in public school, she began her professional training at the Art Student’s League in New York, where she studied classical painting and portraiture with Ray 

Jack Wahl

Jack discovered his artistic talent as a boy growing up in Toledo, Ohio. Against that traditional background, he made what seemed like a risky choice to bypass a degree in architecture and major in art instead. But it turned out to be a smart decision. Through most of his long life, Jack made a living as an artist, working as the dominant designer of one of America’s most popular hobbies – paint by number. 

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